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Backyard Beekeeping Series
04/14/2021 06:00 PM - 05/08/2021 08:30 PM PT


  • $220.00  -  Non Member - Full Series
  • $60.00  -  Non Member - 1 Class Only


On-line via Zoom
Victoria, BC


This is a four part series for the beginner beekeeper instructed by experienced beekeeper Gordon Mackay. If you are new to keeping bees or thinking about starting a hive, this series will give you the practical information you need to start your journey. Beekeepers never stop learning!
The series will have three class sessions and one practical session where you will get to view a hive in person. This series will focus on the most common hive system called the Langstroth. Participants will learn about equipment, how locate and set up a hive, purchasing and installing bees, bee castes, common issues like swarming, integrated pest management, products from the hive, winterizing and more. There will be a short open book test at the end and you will receive a certificate of completion. There will be opportunities to ask questions and meet the other "newbees" in the class. For in person, indoor classes, masks will be required.
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