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Message From the Director

Stay safe and healthy is my message to all of our Members, Volunteers, Donors and Staff!

2020 began as a year of great promise. We welcomed a fresh new class of horticulture students – keen to learn, finished the plant sale extension, and completed the new café front entrance.  What a difference a month makes! The decision to close on March 18th was the correct one, but it was definitely done with a heavy heart.  Our goal now is to take each day as it comes with a bit of humor, a great deal of flexibility and to unite as a community in banging a pot at 7 pm to thank our caregivers on the frontlines.

As we navigate this strange new world of physical distancing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you each and every one for your time, your efforts and your support in making the Gardens the magnificent and welcoming place it is.

I wish you to see that this too shall pass, but also to go forward into each day with confidence and courage. Live your life to the fullest extent and please don’t forget to have compassion for those that are unable to see the clear skies ahead.

- Deborah

Spring Plant Sale

By:Linda Petite, Head Gardener

Spring Plant Sale is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. This year our sale looks much different.

We have reformatted our sale to online shopping and scheduled pickup so as to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Shopping opens on at 9 am April 20. Click here for more details and availability.

We have lots of good looking plants propagated from the gardens and seed collected by our staff and volunteers. Members receive 10% off. Our succulents, tropicals and veggie starts will be available online in May, check back for availability.

Thank you all for your continuing support and I look forward to seeing you back in the garden sometime soon.

Stay home and garden!

- Linda Petite, Head Gardener

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Linda's Plant Picks!

We have an amazing selection of plants available this year and we are sure you'll have lots of fun researching the best for your garden. To get you started here are Linda's top picks!

Primula beesiana (Candleabra Primrose)

  • whorls of pink candleabra blooms from April to July
  • mass plantings in dappled shade along sides of streams (will tolerate more sun if soil remains damp)
  • known to attract bees and other pollinators
  • easily self-seeds

Erigeron ’Profusion’

  • excellent ground cover that blooms non- stop from May to October
  • very drought tolerant once established
  • grows in crevices and self-seeds easily
  • requires sun and well-drained soil
  • an understated beauty for containers or borders

Salix gracillistyla ‘Melanostachys’ (Black Pussywillow )

  • unique black catkins provide winter interest in every garden
  • tall, spreading shrub up to 3m. height and 2m. spread
  • benefits from coppicing in spring
  • sun to part shade, tolerates moisture
  • shown is the lovely specimen in the Doris Page Winter Garden

Support the Gardens at HCP

One more way to support The Gardens! We have an account at the Bottle Depot!
Our account name is: The Gardens at HCP
How to donate on this account: The Gardens at HCP
Please advise the cashiers at the beginning of the transaction that you would like to donate the bottles onto our account. Please note: Your friends / family / co-workers etc who will be donating to this account must only reference this account by account name and not by any account numbers that may be found on some of the account transaction receipts. Each depot will have a different account number for your account.
You can donate at any of the Bottle Depot Branches: 4261 Glanford Ave, 655 Queens Ave, 3961 Quadra St

Giles Jottings

Quite apart from the strangeness of these times we are undergoing with the coronavirus, I have the impression the spring weather we are having is also a little unusual. Despite the sunshine most days we are still getting cold nights and this seems to be extending the flowering period of some of our winter plants, like lenten roses ( Helleborus spp. ) and Daphne odora. The hellebores in the Winter Garden have been blooming for several months now and yet, far from fading, they seem to be as vigorous as ever. The bushes of Daphne odora on the upper path have been in flower for some weeks but they show no sign of going over; they are still fully open and so sweetly scented.

And yet, as these keep flowering, plenty of other spring flowers are opening up to join them. There are now trilliums in the Fusion Garden, both white and deep crimson, and there are Solomon’s Seal ( Polygonatum spp. ) appearing there amongst the trilliums and across the path in the Doris Page.

Anemone canadensis is beginning to emerge with its pure white flowers and shooting stars ( Dodecatheon sp. )are covering the ground through the Native Plant Garden, the Fusion Garden and the Doris Page.
Camellias have been flowering for some weeks, Camellia ‘Donation’ being a very striking pink variety that is in full bloom now. Magnolias, likewise, have been opening one by one, some in pink but mostly white. Magnolia stellata are smallish trees but M. zenii, M. dawsoniana ‘Barbara Cook’ and M. ‘Pegasus’ are considerably taller and have been taking their turns to open their impressive blooms. Rhododendrons are following the spring weather too. Two attractive white varieties currently flowering are Rhododendron ‘Revue’ and R. openshawianum. A beautiful deep red, R. ‘Taurus’, and a small lilac variety, R. ‘Olga Mezitt’, are both looking very fine. Daffodils ( Narcissus spp. ) are out in huge swathes all around the lake and the newly planted bed in the Doris Page is magnificent, pale yellow jonquils and taller daffoldils interspersed with gorgeous rose-orange tulips making a very colourful display.

There is insufficient space to mention everything but Ribes in whites and reds add to the spectacle and Aubrietas and Euphorbias also contribute splashes of colour to the spring garden.

Children in the Garden

Although our youth programs are on hold until further notice, here is a peek at some of the things we are doing in preparation for a time when we can do some gardening together!

Here is a close up of our new Mason Bee Condo in the JMG Gardens. The cocoons have been stored in the refrigerator and are now in the upper area waiting for the bees to eat their way through their

cocoons, climb out of the box and begin visiting flowers for nectar and pollen.

The gardens are being weeded and readied for plantings ... and the kale and purple sprouting broccoliare producing like mad and the garlic is getting very tall!

Looking forward to hearing about your gardens too! Send your photos and stories of how you are growing food with your family to youthprograms@hcp.ca
Stay safe and happy growing!

- Paula

Community Education

All community education classes are suspended. For more information regarding refund and rescheduling, please visit our website.

Pacific Horticulture College

Wishing the PHC students a safe and studious time at home filled with plant learning! We look forward to resuming classes in person when possible.

Thank you to local talent Brooke M. for sharing these beautiful blooms!

Membership Reminder

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  • 10% discounts at select plant centres throughout Victoria
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