The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific is leaping into the 21st century, thanks to a Community Recovery Program grant for technology from The Victoria Foundation!

While 2020 was a year most of us would like to forget, here at HCP we learned a great deal about how versatile and creative we can be in coming up with solutions, and in our ability to pivot and grow, all thanks to technology.

How has COVID-19 impacted HCP? Last year we joined the rest of the world by limiting gatherings and class sizes. This meant elopement-style wedding ceremonies instead of larger celebrations, offering online or “blended” (online and in-person) programming and changing our garden hours to give our volunteers more space to work without visitors.

In 2021, we are building on the successes of last year thanks to a technology grant from The Victoria Foundation. We updated our computer systems to accommodate online classes and meetings, increased our internet speeds to handle the bandwidth required for streaming and purchased specialized tools to assist with online instruction. Our new database/CRM software was a savior in 2020, allowing you to pay online for memberships, community education workshops, youth programs, donations and plants!

Our Pacific Horticulture College now offers a blended curriculum with online and in-person delivery for our Landscape Horticulture Certificate Program and the Landscape Horticulturist Technical Training Program (Levels 3 and 4). Some of our community education workshops were able to transition to Zoom, including the very popular watercolour workshops with Richard Wong. We now have registrants from other communities taking our classes safely -- an added benefit we hadn’t dreamed of!

21st century learning encompasses critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, and I think the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific is a shining example of this. What else can we look forward to in 2021?

Please stay safe and healthy,


Starting your own seeds indoors is a good way to get ahead of the growing season. You can order from seed companies locally or worldwide. We will all miss attending our local Seedy Saturday conferences this year -- they always inspire us to try growing something new!

Read the back of each seed packet before sowing your seeds, and have patience if your seed order hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. West Coast Seeds says that they are extremely busy and have exceeded their capacity to fulfill orders within the usual time frames. There may also be delays due to Canada Post.

Here are some important things to know before starting your seeds:

Read before you plant! Seed packets contain a wealth of information, including: growing requirements (sun, shade, soil, moisture, heat tolerance); height at maturity; days to harvest; sowing recommendations (indoors, outdoors, warm, cold); germination specifics (planting depth, days to germination); spacing and thinning advice.

Germination temperatures listed on seed packets refer to soil temperatures, NOT air temperatures! Most seeds require between 21-24° C (70-75° F) to germinate. You can provide heat from the bottom using a heating mat, top of the refrigerator, or propagation table. Once seeds have germinated, get them under a grow light or near a bright window. Start seeds warm, grow seedlings cool.

All seedlings need proper light immediately following germination. A south-facing window or grow lights are best to provide 12-14 hours of light each day. Good light is essential for raising stocky, vigorous seedlings. Inadequate light results in tall, spindly seedlings.

Seeds will germinate in a wide variety of containers. Make sure containers are clean and have drainage holes. Seedling flats, cell packs, peat pots and peat pellets work well. If using last year’s containers, sterilize them by cleaning with a 10% bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) and air dry before using.

A sterilized, soilless seed-starting mixture like Sunshine Mix is ideal for seeding and transplanting. Do not use garden soil; it is too heavy and may contain weed seeds, overwintering insects and disease spores. You can easily make your own mix by combining 1 part perlite or vermiculite and 1 part peat moss. Dampen the mix before seeding.

Germination is all about moisture! In order for plant cells to start multiplying, the dried seed must absorb several times its volume of water, causing the embryo to enlarge and the seed coat to burst open. Some seed trays come with plastic transparent domes that allow light in while keeping the soil moist. Plastic wrap or a plastic bag can also act as a mini greenhouse. Monitor daily to maintain even moisture and check for onset of disease. If mold or fungus grows due to excessive moisture, remove the plastic cover and let your seedlings breathe.

Good luck!


We know spring has truly arrived when it's Hellebore Sunday! Hellebores provide winter colour to your garden while being deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, shade-tolerant and a good cut flower. We are planning to hold our sale onsite with strict physical distancing protocols to keep everyone safe, however this may change depending on the exact Provincial Health Orders in March. Please bring a mask.

The sale starts at noon and always sells out quickly. Come early for the best selection!

Hope to see you then,


It being February, of course the Gardens are looking a little under the weather. But there are still encouraging signs, pale green buds pushing out through the wet bark. And volunteers are now back, clearing the debris from last year and beginning the pruning and mulching to stimulate new growth.

As for plants in flower, where better to look than the Doris Page Winter Garden. We are so lucky to have this very unique garden; nowhere else in Canada is there a garden displaying so much colour and interest through the dark months of winter. Planned by a true plantswoman, Doris Page and subsequent hard-working volunteers introduce us to more than 500 different plant varieties with all sorts of interesting characteristics. Trees and shrubs with coloured winter bark, Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’ perhaps the most brightly coloured; woody plants with extraordinary twisted and contorted forms and shrubs with many different coloured berries. Skimmias, both red-berried and white, offer bright spots of colour in shady places. Sweet box (Sarcococca) are now at their best, with both delicate white flowers and rich black berries on the bush at the same time. Butcher’s-broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is also filled with scarlet berries and an intriguing rare shrub I have mentioned before in these articles, Chinese Quinine (Dichroa febrifuga) now has impressively blue berries.

But perhaps even better than these are the plants that choose to actually flower during these shortest days. Winter aconites (Eranthis hyemalis) have been up for a couple of weeks already; I have always admired their bright yellow flowers and their tutu-like green skirts. Snowdrops (Galanthus), the classic winter bulb, are interspersed with the pinks and lilacs of cyclamen. And now is the season for Lenten Roses (Helleborus); several varieties are already in flower and in almost every bed there are buds about to burst. Doris Page was one of the first gardeners in Victoria to establish hellebores and we are fortunate that nowadays there are many new impressive hybrids coming onto the market, often with spotted and patterned and vari-coloured petals. We are aiming to have our annual Hellebore Sunday sale on March 7, so put it in your diaries and don’t miss the chance to see some of these recent introductions.

The crowning glory, however, of the winter garden at this moment is surely the witch-hazels (Hamamelis). They are at the peak of their display and quite gorgeous. In the central bed ‘B’ there are two mature Hamamelis mollis, their wide spreading branches thick with clusters of spidery fragrant yellow flowers. In the lower bed ‘L’ there is a very lovely Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ whose flowers are a lustrous shade of rusty orange; and to my mind, its beauty is further enhanced by the contrasting growths of green and grey mosses clinging to the branches. And these are not the only ones; there are some younger specimens of Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ in bed ‘A’ whose flowers are a more brilliant shade of yellow.

As the weeks pass the flower succession will change; Daphne odora are already showing buds, the newly planted bed ‘D’ will soon be showing colour and still more varieties will appear as the season advances. But February has its own beauty; one cannot help being enchanted by a visit to the evolution of Doris Page’s original idea.

Congratulations to our friends at the Victoria Horticultural Society on the occasion of their Centenary! The VHS is developing a great lineup of guest speakers for their online meetings, and the drop-in rate is just $5. We’re proud to be part of such a strong horticulture community and we know that many of you are members of both organizations.

PHC has started off 2021 by welcoming students in three different programs delivered in a blended format! The full-time program students are currently learning about botany, plant nomenclature and safety, while the part-time Level 1 students are learning about tools and the full-time Level 4 students are learning about everything from indoor plants to green roofs. We look forward to seeing these students blossom in the coming weeks and months.

Coming up:

Integrated Pest Management Course (Landscape General)

February 27-28, exam on March 1

Space is limited. All courses and exams are delivered with appropriate physical distancing measures for the safety of our staff and students.

We will also be offering this course online in late April (dates TBA).

Please visit our website for details about our programs and courses, or phone (250) 479-6162 to register.

Our aim is to create and provide community-based nature and gardening experiences and education for children and youth in our community. Through these outdoor educational programs, we believe that we can promote individual, community and environmental health. During all of our programs, we will use the gardens and surrounding forests as our classroom and as an educational tool to cultivate joy, wonder and meaningful connections to plants and the natural world.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are navigating the safe delivery of these educational programs within the guidelines of current Provincial Health Orders. All of our programs are subject to changes mandated by the public health authorities, and in the case that a session is cancelled, a full refund or credit will be provided. We look forward to seeing you in our gardens again soon!

Garden Nature Academy - Spring Session

The outdoors offer safe and seasonal opportunities for your preschooler to explore through play, games, songs and activities! These outdoor sessions will include time in our vegetable garden, as well as numerous pathways and native plant forest areas to explore. The small group sizes and our experienced nature educators help to create a nurturing and engaging environment for young children to learn, play and grow!

Dates: Tuesdays April 6, April 13, April 20, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25

Time: 9:00 - 11:30am

Age: 3 - 4 years

Fee: $160 (price is for full series)

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Garden Friends - A Series for Children and Parents - April

Children love to explore our gardens while observing and experiencing nature. Together, we will engage in a series of nature activities. Each session includes a garden wander, sharing circle and story time. Bring a snack and picnic blanket for story time and dress for the weather. Weekly topics for April are Garden Creatures, Curious About Plants, The Earth, and Garden Helpers. 

Dates: Thursdays April 8, April 15, April 22, April 29

Time: 10:00 - 11:30am

Age: 3-6 years

Fee: HCP Members $55 / Non-Members $65 (price is for full series)

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Pro D Day Camps

Join us for an outdoor garden experience where we take on seasonal gardening tasks and  activities in our very own JMG Garden. There are also opportunities to explore the vast wilderness areas to experience the natural systems that keep our gardens growing, as well as garden arts and crafts and more.


Dates: February 12, April 19, April 23, May 14, May 21

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Age: 5 - 12 years

Fee: $40/child

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Spring Break Camps

Spring in our gardens has so much promise! During these week-long day camps, we will be preparing and planting the vegetable garden plots in our JMG Garden for the season ahead. We will be putting in our potato crops and checking on the garlic planted by last fall’s Pro D Day campers, and our week together isn’t complete without a potato roast in our own cob oven! We will harvest the earliest chives and parsley for toppings and create a feast while learning about these amazing vegetables, their history and how to grow them. During the week, we will also plant up potatoes in your very own potato pot to learn to care for and continue to nurture at home.


Dates: March 15 - 19 or March 22 - 26

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Age: 5 - 12 years

Fee: $180/child

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

The following workshops have changed to an online format! They will be available online starting February 20 and can be accessed until April 20. After registration, participants will receive an email including an instructional sheet, a link to an instructional video, as well as time and date options for you to pick up your take-home workshop kit! Videos will be available for participants to watch at their convenience.

Terrarium Gardens for Kids (ONLINE)

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Get creative as you learn about the needs of little plants, and what better place to grow them than in an upcycled glass container? Choose a glass bowl, vase, jar or other container (up to 20cm) to upcycle and see what you can create! You provide the glass container and we provide the rest. 

Age: 6+ years

Fee: HCP Members $20 / Non-Members $25

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Outdoor Fairy Gardens (ONLINE)

Using a selection of winter hardy plants, we will create an outdoor fairy garden for your deck, balcony or garden. We will discuss winter hardy plants and how to grow them in small containers. These miniature gardens provide a fun reason to move your child’s play outdoors this season and makes a great destination to check on during the spring and summer too!

Age: 5+ years

Fee: HCP Members $20 / Non-Members $25

Registration: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Tea Cup Fairy Gardens (ONLINE)

The mystique of having fairies in our gardens has us all intrigued! Learn how to incorporate tiny plants and elements of design into these little gardens for indoor use. We will explore the needs of plants and how to care for them in a miniature setting, while providing a magical place for wee garden visitors! Warning: These can be addictive and so fun to make!

Age: 5+ years

Fee: HCP Members $20 / Non-Members $25

Registration: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Seed Starting for Kids (ONLINE)

Growing vegetables from seed is a fun way for children to become self-reliant and aware of their own food security. This class includes an introduction to growing six different cool weather crops from seed, their maintenance and replanting information. Participants will learn about the best soils to use for starting seeds, how to water, when to harden off and how to plan for successive crops. Participants will have the materials to sow their seeds at home in a tray, grow them into seedlings and then plant them. 

Age: 5+ years

Fee: HCP Members $20 / Non-Members $25

Registration: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

We are happy to still be offering classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, though there may be some adjustments to keep us aligned with public health recommendations and keep participants and instructors safe. With this in mind, it is possible that your in-person class may be switched to an online format, postponed, or cancelled depending on Provincial Health Orders. Registered participants will be notified via email if this happens and will have the option to stay registered or opt out. Please check out our new online classes so you can keep learning no matter what! If you have any questions, please email our community education coordinator Cheri at

Cannabis for the Home Grower

Learn the basics of growing cannabis for personal use with Pacific Horticulture College instructor Jo Wyld. This workshop will cover cannabis species and strains, how cannabis is used, starting from seed or clone, considerations and methods for growing outdoors or indoors, common pests and disease, harvesting and relevant legislation. Masks required.

Instructor: Jo Wyld

Dates: Tuesdays, February 23 or March 9

Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Fee: HCP Members $60 / Non-Members $70

Register: Online (click here for Feb 23 or here for Mar 9) or phone (250) 479-6162

Watercolours with Richard Wong - Seahorse (ONLINE)

Relax, paint and connect. Enjoy a lovely learning experience online via Zoom. You can relax, have fun, paint and connect with others while learning how to create beautiful watercolours on Japanese art paper. No painting experience required. This class is an introduction to watercolour, suitable for those just starting out or are thinking about trying watercolour for the first time. Adults and families with children are encouraged to participate. Families with younger children should have a parent present to guide them. More information is available on our website when you click the registration link below.

Instructor: Richard Wong

Date: Thursday, February 25

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Fee: $20 per screen

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Ethics of Wild Harvesting (ONLINE)

Wild harvesting of plant material for food, medicine or craft can be a great way to interact with nature. However, care must be taken to ensure plants are harvested in a sustainable way that promotes continued survival of wild populations. Through the lens of 5 commonly available wild plants, this class will discuss plant usage and sustainable harvesting methodologies. We will also consider locations for harvesting, invasive species and ecological impacts of human disturbance. Resources to support an ethical wild harvesting practice will be provided.

Instructor: Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

Date: Tuesday, February 23

Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm

Fee: $25 per screen

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

The Backyard Orchard

This workshop is for those serious about cultivating fruit and nuts in an urban space. Ryan Senechal will cover: selection of cultivars, planting, staking and training, soil, nutrients and watering, pruning, plant health and cultural controls, grafting and propagation. The focus will be on apple, cherry, pear, plum, peach, kiwi, Carpathian walnut, butternut, hazelnut, fig, blueberry and raspberry. This course will be outside, please dress accordingly. Masks required.

Instructor: Ryan Senechal

Dates: Saturdays, March 6 and March 13

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Fee: HCP Members $90 / Non-Members $110

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Watercolours with Richard Wong - Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (ONLINE)

Relax, paint and connect. Enjoy a lovely learning experience online via Zoom. You can relax, have fun, paint and connect with others while learning how to create beautiful watercolours on Japanese art paper. No painting experience required. This class is an introduction to watercolour, suitable for those just starting out or are thinking about trying watercolour for the first time. Adults and families with children are encouraged to participate. Families with younger children should have a parent present to guide them. More information is available on our website when you click the registration link below.

Instructor: Richard Wong

Date: Saturday, March 6

Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm

Fee: $20 per screen

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Watercolours with Richard Wong - Arbutus Trees (ONLINE)

Relax, paint and connect. Enjoy a lovely learning experience online via Zoom. You can relax, have fun, paint and connect with others while learning how to create beautiful watercolours on Japanese art paper. No painting experience required. This class is an introduction to watercolour, suitable for those just starting out or are thinking about trying watercolour for the first time. Adults and families with children are encouraged to participate. Families with younger children should have a parent present to guide them. More information is available on our website when you click the registration link below.

Instructor: Richard Wong

Date: Thursday, March 18

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Fee: $20 per screen

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Advanced Pruning

If you are a hands-on gardener hesitant to prune small trees and shrubs for fear of injuring or undesirably altering the appearance, this course with certified arborist Ryan Senechal is designed to give you the skill you need. In two sessions, basic pruning techniques will be reviewed and applied to advanced pruning strategies to encourage desirable structure, reduced maintenance and long-term plant health. Your confidence and comfort will grow as you observe and practice field examples of pruning successes and common mistakes. This course will be outdoors. Bring your secateurs. Class size is limited to ensure individual instruction. Masks required.

Instructor: Ryan Senechal

Dates: Saturdays, March 20 and March 27

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

HCP Members $90 / Non-Members $110

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Forest Therapy Walks

Join Kelly Kiss, ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide, to discover “Forest Bathing”, what it is, along with its health and wellness benefits. Forest therapy is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing. Shinrin-Yoku means to “bathe in the atmosphere of the forest”. If practiced regularly, “forest bathing” may improve your health, wellness and happiness! Moving slowly over a gentle landscape, the practice of forest therapy is accessible to people of all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Please bring a mask and dress for the weather.

Instructor: Kelly Kiss

Dates: Sunday, March 21, Saturdays, April 10, May 15, June 19

Time: 1:30 - 4:00pm

Fee: $45

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Introduction to Bookbinding - Cute Lil’ Notebook (ONLINE)

In this online workshop, you will make and embellish a notebook with local artist Angelique Bulosan. You will learn foundational concepts of bookbinding using bookbinding tools and alternate tools you may already have on hand. This notebook is highly customizable with stamps, stickers, decorative inserts and a centrefold pocket. An ideal place to journal about your garden! This workshop will be online via Zoom. Please visit our website to see the materials list and for more information and inspiration.

Instructor: Angelique Bulosan

Date: Thursday, March 25

Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Fee: $50

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Mason Bees for Beginners

Steve Scanlan from Long Live Bees is committed to raising awareness of the importance of pollinators to our long-term survival. This course on mason beekeeping gives a thorough introduction to raising these friendly and easy-to-keep bees on your own property, whether large or small, and for young or old. Learn how to raise mason bees from cocoons throughout their lifecycle and reap the rewards with increased yields of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Masks required.

Instructor: Steve Scanlan

Date: Sunday, March 28

Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm

Fee: HCP Members $20 / Non-Members $25

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Willow Chair Workshop

Join artisan Andrew Kent from The Willow Way for this full-day workshop. In one day, with Andrew Kent’s expert instruction, you can make and take home your own Bent Willow Rustic Chair. This is a great introduction to rustic building techniques. Learn how to make a square frame from pieces of alder and work with different sizes of willow to create your chair. Please bring a helper from your household/bubble. All tools will be provided. This class is outdoors and masks are required.

Instructor: Andrew Kent

Dates: Tuesday, March 30 or Sunday, April 11

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Fee: HCP Members $250 / Non-Members $275 (price is per chair)

Register: Online (click here for Mar 30 or here for Apr 11) or phone (250) 479-6162

The Art of Bonsai

Learn the art of bonsai with Mark Paterson, President of the Vancouver Island Bonsai Society. This is the first of a three-part series. In Part One, Mark will teach you how to apply bonsai techniques to a gallon-sized plant that you get to take home with you. You will learn bonsai history, design and care. The class will also cover how to choose potential bonsai stock and how to use plant training to increase aesthetic and monetary value for your new plant. Part Two will cover root cutting and Part Three will cover later season and winter care. This class is indoors and masks are required.

Instructor: Mark Paterson


Saturday April 3, 9:00am - 12:00pm

Thursday May 20, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Sunday September 26, 9:00am - 12:00pm

Fee: HCP Members $145 / Non-Members $175

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Floral Design Program Coming This Spring!

Join floral designer Linda Rambaud to learn industry-level floral design skills. This is the first of a three-part series, and participants who complete all three parts will receive a certificate of completion. Part One consists of 3 x 3 hour sessions in class and one field trip or speaker event, for a total of 15 hours. This course is designed for those who want to create their own arrangements or join the floral industry. You will develop creativity, techniques and learn to care for fresh arrangements. All flowers are included in the course fees. This class is indoors and masks are required.

Instructor: Linda Rambaud

Dates: Tuesday evenings in March/April (exact dates TBA)

Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm

Fee: HCP Members $450 / Non-Members $495

Register: Click here for the interest list and we will contact you when registration opens.

Backyard Beekeeping

This is a four-part series for the beginner beekeeper, instructed by experienced beekeeper Gordon Mackay. If you are new to keeping bees or thinking about starting a hive, this series will give you the practical information you need to start your journey. Beekeepers never stop learning! The series will have three classroom sessions and one practical session where you will get to view a hive in person. This series will focus on the most common hive system called the Langstroth. Participants will learn about equipment, how to locate and set up a hive, purchasing and installing bees, bee castes, common issues like swarming, integrated pest management, products from the hive, winterizing and more. There will be a short open-book test at the end and you will receive a certificate of completion. There will be opportunities to ask questions and meet the other "newbees" in the class. This class is indoors and masks are required.

Instructor: Gordon Mackay


Wednesdays April 14, April 21, April 28 6:00 - 8:30pm

Saturday May 1 or 8 (TBA), 9:00am - 12:00pm (field trip, weather dependent)

Fee: HCP Members $190 / Non-Members $220

Register: Online or phone (250) 479-6162

Thank you so much for your generous support!


As a charity, the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific depends on the support and generosity of others to help us make a difference. The maintenance of our gardens is funded through our memberships as well as donations, sponsorships, grants and income from our gardens through admissions, plant sales, events and weddings. Even though much of the creation and maintenance of the gardens has been carried out by teams of hardworking and cherished volunteers, there is still a large financial commitment when caring for nine acres of curated gardens. While we had a record amount of plant sales ($60,000!) in 2020, weddings and special events remain largely on hold. Your donations provide essential support, especially now.

Thank you so much for your continued support -- we couldn't do it without you!

Visit our website or phone (250) 479-6162 to donate today.

We have an account at the Return-It Bottle Depot! The next time you’re bringing in your refundables, please advise the cashier at the beginning of the transaction that you would like to donate the amount to The Gardens at HCP.

Please use our name and not the account number you may see on a past receipt, as the account number is different at each Bottle Depot location. The three Victoria locations are 4261 Glanford Ave, 655 Queens Ave, and 3961 Quadra St.

Visit the Return-It website to see which beverage containers are eligible for a refund.

In a Unicorn’s Garden – recreating the mystery and magic of medieval gardens

by Judyth A. McLeod

A number of library visitors have recently been eager to find books about garden history. This new book, In a Unicorn’s Garden, adds a unique perspective to that subject. Its wide scope covers about a thousand years (up to 1500) and ranges across Great Britain, Continental Europe and the Near East. The jacket describes it well:

Each chapter is based on a theme of significance in the medieval world and begins with an engaging historical overview and discussion of society, culture, religion and mythology. In a Unicorn’s Garden includes extensive medieval plant lists, beautiful location photography, interviews with master gardeners, and visits to monastic and secular medieval-style gardens. The book also features individual medieval-inspired garden designs which can be recreated in the average suburban garden plot.

If your own garden in present-day Victoria is quiet, you might want to explore other times and places with In a Unicorn’s Garden from the HCP Library. To find other titles on garden history, check out our new, easy-to-use online catalogue!

It’s a new month; don’t forget to check your bright green 'Gardens at HCP' membership card to see if it has expired! Memberships are a great value and include:

Free admission to the Gardens

A free guest pass with each membership

Discounted rates for additional guests

10% off plants and gift shop purchases

Discounted member rates on Community Education Workshops

Discounts at select garden centres throughout Victoria

Free admission, free parking, or other discounts at participating gardens in the American Horticultural Society’s Reciprocal Admissions Program!

Revenue from annual memberships supports youth programming, horticulture student development, plants and supplies for garden improvements, and volunteer appreciation. You can purchase or renew your membership today online or by calling (250) 479-6162.

Our new database system allows you to manage your membership, donations and workshop registrations online. Current members and most past members have an account already.

When you attempt to log in for the first time, you will need to reset your password. Please note that the password recovery email expires after 48 hours, and may be in your spam folder. Don’t hesitate to phone us if you need any assistance.

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